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14 June 2015

HC asks TN Govt to contemplate preventive steps against MLM (Multi Level Marketing)

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HC asks TN Govt to contemplate preventive steps against MLM.

Madras court has delineate multi-level selling schemes as Pyramid schemes expressed to be non-sustainable business model and asked the govt. to contemplate preventive measures in order that individuals aren't lured by such schemes.

"The regime could look at the difficulty from the attitude of not solely prosecuting the violative parties, however taking preventive measures, together with acceptable message, in order that individuals aren't lured by such schemes," it said.

"The greed for extracting cash while not realising the pitfalls has resulted publically being misled into investment in these MLM's," a bench comprising magistrate Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Justice TS Sivagnanam same eliminating a PIL.

Petitioner V R Othisamy had wanted a direction to the govt. and also the Police authorities to require necessary action by framing acceptable pointers to stop and stop running of any business within the name of MLMs.

The court same MLM was a theme involving exchange of cash primarily for enrolling others to earn a lot of by straightforward technique of introducing new members to grow within the pyramid.

The PIL was filed within the background of AN MLM in Erode grouping Rs 800 large integer investments from public and defaulting on interest and principal reimbursement.

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